Mobile attacks are in the rise!

Are you vulnerable?

November 14, 2018

Today's meeting showed different types of attacks that occurs on smartphones.


  • Target people through text messages

  • Enables geographic targeting

  • Trick users into downloading infected files, potentially exposing sensitive data


  • Apps that do not contain recognizable malware but can still be harmful or annoying.

  • Apps may track users’ locations, monitor web browsing habits or raise mobile bills by accessing the Internet without users’ knowledge.


Exactly how free is that free app?

In addition to privacy invasion, these secondary apps can also be a huge drain on your phone’s hardware, such as the processor and battery life.

What is at risk?

  • Bank accounts

  • Users identity

  • Privacy

Device stolen?

  • Report it to the police and to the cell phone's carrier.

  • Lock the cell phone remotely

  • Wipe device remotely

What strategies will you take to secure your identity?

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