Hacking in Plainsight

October 17, 2018

11am-11:30am Alex did a presentation on hardware prototyping, where he explains the dangers of USB. For example a rubber ducky, which seems like an ordinary USB.

11:30: 12pm Armand retouch the subject on NCL to refer on the Toolkit available in order for users to reference on during their NCL journey. A link to the Toolkit is located below:


The Toolkit is located at WCC too and can be found by:

This PC / student and click on NCL Toolkit

Later on in the club Logan helped members on how to take action in order to execute an exercise on NCL.

The president of NCH, Joseph went over that there is a deadline by 19th.

Reminder: CCDC training coming soon

Recommendation: Armand "must be able to adapt"

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