Do it Yourself: Roll Your Own Network Cables

November 28,2018

Today there was a workshop to create network cables by Justin Spence. Below I have stated the steps that was listed by the presenter.

Supplies: Bulk Cat5 Cable, RJ-45 Plugs, and Crimper

Step 1

Grab one end of the cable and, if necessary, snip it to get a straight cut. Use a crimper that has a jacket stripper to shove the cable end into the stripper until it stops.

  • Squeeze the crimper gently.

  • Twist the cable as the razors slice through the jacket.

  • Remove the cable and pop off the cut end of jacket.

Tip: You need to strip off about one inch of jacket.

Step 2

Now that the jacket stripped, you’ll find four twisted pairs of wires. Each pair has a solid color and a striped color each of brown, green, orange and blue. Separate these pairs, so they are unbundled.

Step 3

Now separate the pairs, so that you have eight individual wires. Arrange the eight wires into the exact sequence represented in the wiring diagram labeled 568B.

It can take some practice to configure the wires into a sequence. They can be unruly and need some twisting. You want the wires to be as close together as possible.

Tip: Sometimes it helps to flex the wires lightly to better manipulate them into position.

This wiring sequence, known as 568B, is the most common arrangement for Ethernet cable.

Step 4

When the wires are in sequence, double check against the diagram in case one or two slipped out of position.

Tip: Make sure the wires are clean and even.

Grab an RJ-45 plug, with the latch side facing down.

Guide the wires into the plug, being careful not to let them slip out of sequence. As the cable enters each wire should slide into its channel, allowing them to glide smoothly into the plug. Push the cable as far as it will go. The wire ends should reach as far as possible toward the front edge of the plug.

Step 5

With the wires pushed into the plug, fit the plug into the crimping slot in the crimping tool. While holding the cable in place with one hand, use your other hand to squeeze the crimping tool with reasonable force. The mentioned action will press the pins inside the plug into the wires and fasten the plug onto the cable.

Step 6

Enjoy your network cable!!

Below is a video tutorial on how to make RJ45 Network Patch cables.

Now you are ready to create your very own network cables.

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